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Friday, September 2, 2011

Nature News Summer 2011

Also in NATURE NEWS this summer:

Reindeer herder finds baby mammoth in Russian Arctic 

A reindeer herder in Russia's Arctic has stumbled on the prehistoric remains of a baby woolly mammoth poking out of the permafrost
Lyuba, named after the wife of the hunter who discovered her is the most complete woolly mammoth specimen ever found. 

The 40,000-year-old carcass was perfectly preserved and has been described as a 
"sensational" find.
Scientists will now fly the mammoth's remains to the regional capital Salekhard, where it will be stored in a cooler to prevent the remains from decomposing.
Giant woolly mammoths have been extinct since the Earth's last Ice Age 1.8 million to around 11,500 years ago.
Arctic ice kept the extinct specimen so immaculately preserved that her skin and internal organs were intact and she even had food inside her gut!
Reported by Dr Venom for VMTV. August 2011
Broadcast on Nature News Summer 2011 on Talk Radio Europe, Mijas Today and Marbella TV

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